Boston Azure User Group Now on the Map!

The Boston Azure User Group is a Cloud Computing community group focusing on Windows Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud platform, and …

The Boston Azure User Group is now on the map – literally!

Check out Jim O’Neil’s user group map. Zoom in on Cambridge, MA and you will see us waving from the NERD center. Thanks Jim!

While not as awesomely interactive and visual as a Bing map, we do appreciate other people plugging the user group:

Speaking of Roger Jennings… at the first Boston Azure meeting this Thursday night (Thu 22-Oct-2009 @ 6:30), we’ll give away copy of his hot-off-the-presses book Cloud Computing with the Windows Azure Platform!

I found Roger Jennings’ book chock full of useful information – from context to detail to practical code samples. I stopped at Barnes & Noble after a user group meeting in Burlington and picked up my own personal copy – why no Kindle version!? – and quickly plowed through it. Now I want to go back and play around with the abundant code samples. And in case you are wondering – no, this isn’t the copy we’ll be giving away…we have a new one.

The Boston-area User Group Calendar


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