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Talk: Spy vs. Spy (SQL Server vs. SQL #Azure SQL DB) at @NorthBTownAzure

Last night I spoke at the North Boston Azure cloud group, where the topic was Azure SQL Database – not just a cloud version of SQL Server. So much of the talk was interactive — a really high-energy discussion — big thanks to Jason for hosting me and to the group for a great conversation.

Here’s the deck I used:


And here is some of the CLI 2.0 action, including the last line to clean up a resource group:

az login
az account set --subscription MySubscriptionName
./ nbazure
z group delete -n nbazure --no-wait


Talk: my two talks from the 27th @BostonCodeCamp: 1. MFA & 2. #Azure Security Tips #boscc

Today the amazing Boston technology community put on their 27th Boston Code Camp. As usual, there were tons of great talks.

I presented twice. Materials are below.

Talk #1: 2FA, MFA, 2SA, OTP, RFP, OMG, WTF? How MFA works. 

Deck #1: BostonCodeCamp27-MFA-BillWilder-2017-Mar-25

Talk #2: 18 Specific Azure Security Tips. 

Deck #2: BostonCodeCamp27-18AzureSecurityTips-BillWilder-2017-Mar-25



Talk: SecureWorld Boston 2017 #SWBOS17- Using Public Cloud Platforms to Increase Enterprise Security

Spoke earlier today at SecureWorld Boston on Using Public Cloud Platforms to Increase Enterprise Security.

Deck is below:

SecureWorld Boston 2017 – Bill Wilder – Improving Enterprise Security with the Public Cloud – PUBLISHED