Other Azure Blogs

If you are an architect or developer interested in the Windows Azure cloud platform, here are some good blogs I read, and you might to consider following to help you keep pace.

Did I miss a good one? Please suggest it in the comments.

UPDATE 06-Feb-2014: I plan to retire this page and replace it by a more collaboratively-driven OPML file here:

Blogs by Microsoft Teams

Blogs by Microsoft Employees

Blogs by Windows Azure MVPs

(I know this list is incomplete – glad to include other blogs as I become aware of them – please feel free to let me know!)

Blogs by SQL Azure MVPs

Blogs by Community

Did I miss a good one? Please suggest it in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Other Azure Blogs

  1. Roger Jennings

    Windows Azure blog suggestions:

    SQL Azure Team blog
    Windows Azure AppFabric Team blog
    Windows Azure Connect Team blog
    AppFabricCAT blog
    RobinDotNet’s blog
    OakLeaf Systems blog (mine)
    Neil MacKenzie’s Covective blog




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