New England Code Camp 15

I attended New England Code Camp 15 today and attended a bunch of interesting talks, and I also gave a couple of talks myself. (Links to my slide decks are included below.)

At my talks, I mentioned the Windows Azure Pass – a 30 day FREE pass for using Windows Azure Compute (IIS or Worker Roles), SQL Azure, Azure Blobs/Tables/Queues, etc. If you didn’t get a handout at talk, no worries! – You can still access the offer: Go here and use Promo Code BILLONAZURE. Let me know if you have any questions or if you use the promotion.

Talks I attended:

  • Maura Wilder and Joan Wortman‘s talk on the Ext JS JavaScript framework (which I learned has an incredibly rich widget library and robust  programming model).
  • Richard‘s talk on becoming a better developer.
  • Ben Day‘s talk on 7 Lessons Learned during his first large Silverlight dev project. Find out more by reading Ben’s article on same topic, starting here.
  • Steve Maier‘s talk on using Azure-hosted WCF services to serve as your mobile application’s back-end.
  • Chris Bowen on HTML 5.

My presentations (including links to the PowerPoint slide decks):

Many thanks to Chris Pels, Chris Bowen, and especially Patrick Hynes for such a great event! Thanks also to Telerik and Wintellect for sponsoring our food!

Also enjoying hanging out afterwards at Uno’s with Maura, Joan, George Babey, John Garland, Jesse Liberty, Pat Tormey, Chris, Veronica and Shawn Robichaud, Ron, and several other folks I didn’t get to say hello to…


2 thoughts on “New England Code Camp 15

  1. Joe Havelick

    Hi Bill,
    I wanted to thank you for both of your talks, which were quite helpful. I wish we had more time to spend on the computing side of scalability patterns, but what we were able to squeeze in was very useful.

    Again, thanks.


    1. Bill Wilder Post author

      @Joe – thanks for sharing the feedback. I will have other opportunities to get more into the computing side of scalability at future events. However – if you have a user group near you and think there’s general interest in a scalability talk, let me know and perhaps we can arrange a road trip. Hope to see you at future events.


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