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Get ready to “Meet #WindowsAzure” in a live streamed event June 7 at 4:00 PM Boston time

You new to Windows Azure?
Experienced with Windows Azure?
Wondering what all  the buzz is about…

You can Meet #WindowsAzure in a live stream featuring keynote speaker Scott Guthrie (@ScottGu) along with other Azure/cloud experts. Event is June 7 at 4:00 PM Boston time (UTC-7 hours).

I will be watching and you can find discussions on the Twitters…. I am @codingoutloud, the event hashtag is #MeetAzure, and be sure to check out the Lanyard page that Magnus set up.

Also if you are an Azure fan in the Boston area, please check out the Boston Azure cloud user group ( The group meets monthly, with occasional special events, such as the 2-day bootcamp later this month. The group events are usually at NERD in Cambridge, MA.


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