Monthly Archives: December 2010

Spoke on Azure Cloud at Harvard

Recently (back towards the end of November), I teamed up with Jim O’Neil to talk about Azure and Cloud Computing to a class of students at Harvard University. Jim and I were guest lecturers for CSCI E-175 Cloud Computing and Software as a Service, a graduate school class taught by Zoran B. Djordjevic.

Jim set up the platform, then in my half I focused on storage, then scaling and robustness architecture and design patterns for the cloud and how they are enabled by the Azure platform. My slides are here: bill-wilder-azure-services-and-patterns-for-cloud-native-apps-harvard-19-nov-2010.

The class was feisty – in a really good way – with lots of smart questions and spirited discussion. Due to all the questions and discussion, we went at least an hour over the scheduled class time, but nobody disengaged. A really good session.