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Talk: Running #Azure Securely and Compliantly – Granite State Code Camp #GSCC2021 – aka Compliance for Lazy People

Today I had the opportunity to speak at the Granite State Code Camp (#GSCC2021) in Manchester, NH. This was the first time I’ve given an in-person talk since the start of COVID and it was great to see so many smiling facing (even when partially obscured by a mask!).

Last year my focus was a more in-the-weeds talk called Running Azure Securely – which of these Azure security features are for me?. This year I stepped back a level and focused on Compliance. In the session I discussed security vs. compliance, the shared responsibility model, and touched on a few other features, but spent a good bit of time focused on what I am thinking about as the “Policy stack” where one can gather lots of insight about your workload’s compliance with technology controls indicated by various compliance standards – based on the Azure Policy capabilities, a pillar of governance, and rolled up and available from Azure Security Center Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

Azure Security Center as a brand is no more – it is part of a rebranding to Microsoft Defender for Cloud. I assume this renaming, announced at Ignite, is because it is a feature set that can span beyond Azure – for example, keeping an on on-premises resources and resources in non-Azure clouds like AWS.

The session was interactive (as preferred!) and many thanks to Kevin and Vishwas and the nice lady whose name I didn’t catch who I think worked for the college for help in overcoming technical limitations in the room I was speaking from.

If you want to experience MORE AZURE please check out (currently operating as part of “Virtual Boston Azure”).

If you are someone who would like to SPEAK at Virtual Boston Azure, please get in touch. (Twitter is a good way to reach me – I am @codingoutloud – or you can address it to @bostonazure.)

Slide deck is attached.