Talk: Running #Azure Robustly – Granite State Code Camp #GSCC2022 – Fail and Retry

I had the opportunity to speak at the 2022 Granite State Code Camp in Manchester, NH.

The last couple of years I was more focused on Security and Compliance-enablement in Microsoft Azure. This year I focused on Robustness. When running in Azure – like other distributed system environments – failures are real and retries are a common remedy to support robust applications. In the session I discussed the need and the mechanisms, with many examples in Azure.

Here is the talk description:

Fail and Retry

Does your application reach out to services or databases over a network. Do you assume that these calls always succeed? In this talk we will cover different reasons for failures and organize them into those that make sense to retry (e.g., “transient” failures) and those that don’t. Where retrying makes sense, we’ll cover some tools and techniques to handle retries automatically, sort out how to select appropriate retry parameters depending on the scenario (e.g., batch job vs. interactive UI with a user waiting), and consider how to test such scenarios (hint: there are some tools to help force transient errors). Planned examples will include C# in Azure, but open to demonstrating other languages and platforms. You can hit me up on Twitter to request a specific scenario (, though the concepts and patterns are generic.

If you want to experience MORE AZURE please check out (currently operating as part of “Virtual Boston Azure”).

If you are someone who would like to SPEAK at Virtual Boston Azure, please get in touch. (Twitter is a good way to reach me – I am @codingoutloud – or you can address it to @bostonazure.)


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