Talk: Exploring DORA

Today at the 34th edition of Boston Code Camp (#boscc) I presented (in person – yahoo!) my talk “Exploring DORA – Using data to drive better outcomes” which introduced the DORA project.

DORA is short for the DevOps Report Assessment and provides a research-backed assessment of how your technical, process, and cultural practices impact business outcomes. DORA can be used as a guide for choosing how to improve.

This topic is important because I predict research-backed practices (e.g., DORA) will become pervasive/routine in 2024.

The deck is here, followed by the published description of the talk:

Haven’t heard about DORA yet? You will. 

The annual DevOps Research and Assessment Report — affectionately known as the “DORA Report” — is a data-driven, research-backed set of practices and metrics that will make engineers really happy while improving not just dev, ops, and security outcomes, but also business outcomes. 

In this talk we’ll explore the DORA report – the background, the talent behind it, the current state, the famous 4 (or is it 5?) DORA metrics, where it is going, and how you and your team can leverage it today to make effective investment decisions for improving your software development and delivery processes.


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