Vermont Code Camp – Building Cloud-Native Applications with Azure

I attended Vermont Code Camp 2 yesterday (11-Sept-2010) at the University of Vermont.  Many thanks to the awesome crew of Vermonters who put on an extremely well-organized and highly energetic event! I look forward to #vtcc3 next year. (Twitter stream, while it lasts: #vtcc2)

I presented a talk on Building Cloud-Native Applications using Microsoft Windows Azure. My slides are available as a PPT download and on

<aside>Maura and I went to Vermont a day early. We put that time to good use climbing to the summit of Vermont’s highest mountain: Mt. Mansfield. We hiked up from Underhill State Park, up the Maple Ridge Trail, over to the Long Trail, up to the summit, then down the Sunset Ridge Trail (map). It was a really tough climb, but totally worth it. I think the round trip was around 7 miles.



4 thoughts on “Vermont Code Camp – Building Cloud-Native Applications with Azure

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