Gave Azure Storage Talk at VB.NET User Group Meeting

I gave a talk at the Thurs Sept 2, 2010 New England VB.NET user group meeting. Andy Novick covered SQL Azure, and I covered the rest (Blobs, Tables, Queues, Drives, and CDN).

My slides can be downloaded here (which is hosted on Azure Blob storage!).

I also have  plans for a few more Azure-related talks in the near future:

  1. First up is Building Cloud-Native Applications with Windows Azure – at the Vermont Code Camp on Saturday, September 11, 2010.
  2. I am the main speaker at the September 23, 2010 Boston Azure meeting – topic is Azure 101 – the basics. (Then for the October 21, Ben Day will be (most likely) talking about how to integrate Silverlight and Azure.)
  3. I am also planning one or two talks at the New England Code Camp 14 on Saturday October 2 (I haven’t submitted abstracts yet, but probably talks similar to (a) Demystifying Windows Azure and Introduction to Cloud Computing with Azure, and (b) Building Cloud-Native Applications with Windows Azure)

Here is the abstract for the Building Cloud-Native Applications with Windows Azure talk at VT Code Camp:

Cloud computing is here to stay, and it is never too soon to begin understanding the impact it will have on application
architecture. In this talk we will discuss the two most significant architectural mind-shifts, discussing the key patterns
changes generally and seeing how these new cloud patterns map naturally into specific programming practices in Windows
Azure. Specifically this relates to (a) Azure Roles and Queues and how to combine them using cloud-friendly design
patterns, and (b) the combination of relational data and non-relational data, how to decide among them, and how to
combine them. The goal is for mere mortals to build highly reliable applications that scale economically. The concepts
discussed in this talk are relevant for developers and architects building systems for the cloud today, or who want to be
prepared to move to the cloud in the future.


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