Talk: Architecting for the Cloud at Nashua Cloud .NET User Group

Last night I had the privilege of speaking at the Nashua .NET Cloud User Group in Nashua, NH. It was an engaged group to be sure – thanks for all the great questions.

A few followups:

  • Azure VM pricing: the $0.013/hour pricing mentioned for Extra Small instances of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Virtual Machine is shown here to be a promotional price, with the regular price of $0.02/hour (two cents per hour) kicking in on June 1. The architectures we spoke of in the talk used Platform as a Service (PaaS) Virtual Machines and the pricing for those is very similar, though slightly lower, and is shown here.
  • How many customers does Azure have: here is the 10,000 number that Udai shared, which is from was about three years ago when most of the tech world had not yet even heard of Azure. More recently,  it was mentioned there are 200,000 Azure customers and it has passed $1 billion in revenue. So, according to those numbers, it appears to have grown 20x in a little less than three years. Additional interesting numbers mentioned here and here.
  • We focused on use of Cloud Services last night, but we also mentioned Virtual Machines (part of what Microsoft is calling Infrastructure Services, like IaaS) and Web Sites, noting all use different approaches. You can read more about all of them here where you’ll see write-ups for each specific area.
  • I mentioned that Blob Storage is also being used to support the persistent disks on the Infrastructure Services Virtual Machines, in part-enabled by new high performance network architecture. I wrote about some of this before in a blog post titled Azure Cloud Storage Improvements Hit the Target.

The deck I used follows.

Architecting for the Cloud — NH Azure — 15-Mar-2013 — Bill Wilder (

My book, if you are interested, is described here. And the Boston Azure Cloud User Group can be found here.

Cloud Architecture Patterns book


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