Spoke at Boston Code Camp #18 – Cloud Architecture Patterns for Building Cloud-Native Applications: align your architecture with the cloud’s architecture

What a joy to be part of Boston’s 18th Code Camp! First, many thanks to the organizing team and helpers:

And of course nothing would happen without support from the Sponsors:

Here is the abstract for my talk:

Just because we get an application to run on cloud infrastructure does ensure that it runs well. To truly take advantage of the cloud we need to build cloud-native applications. The architecture of a cloud-native application is different than the architecture of a traditional application. A cloud-native application is architected for cost-efficiency, availability, and scalability. We will examine several key architecture patterns that help unlock cloud-native benefits, spanning computation, database, and resource-focused patterns. By the end of the talk you should appreciate how cloud architecture is more demanding than you might be accustomed to in some areas, but with high payoff such as handling failure without downtime, scaling arbitrarily, and allowing aggressive cost-optimization.

All the concepts and patterns I spoke about are also discussed in my recently released book, Cloud Architecture Patterns:

Cloud Architecture Patterns book

More info on the book is here:

  • www.cloudarchitecturepatterns.com
  • If you do read the book and find it of value, I’d very much appreciate you considering a short review on Amazon, O’Reilly, or Barnes & Noble.

Got Azure or Cloud questions? Feedback on the book? Just want to stay in touch? Please feel free to reach out.

  • I can be reached via twitter (@codingoutloud)
  • I can also be reached via email (which is same as my twitter handle at gmail).
  • You can also find me through my blog (blog.codingoutloud.com)

The slide deck I used is here:

Architecture Patterns for Building Cloud-Native Applications — Boston Code Camp 18 — 20-Oct-2012 — Bill Wilder (blog.codingoutloud.com) – WITH SOME SLIDES HIDDEN


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