Cloud-Native Architecture Patterns for Azure Florida Association

I just finished speaking to the Azure Florida Association about Cloud-Native Architecture Patterns…  The talk was 7:00-8:30 PM, so I hope too many people weren’t watching from bed… :-) (It is extra tough speaking to attendees you can’t see or hear.)

The slide deck from the talk is here:


The abstract for the talk reads as follows:

We can run pre-cloud software on cloud infrastructure, but to truly take advantage of the cloud we need to build cloud-native applications. The architecture of a cloud-native application is different than the architecture of a traditional pre-cloud application, and in this talk we will examine several big ideas in software architecture you need to ‘grok’ if you want to truly leverage the cloud for cost savings, higher availability, and better scalability. We will examine several key architecture patterns that help unlock those cloud-native benefits, spanning computation, database, and resource-focused patterns. By the end of the talk you should appreciate how cloud architecture is more of a partnership with your hardware than it was with pre-cloud applications (fail-retry anyone?), that the cloud may be infinite (but not all at once), and how the cloud enables cost optimization (and is “green”).

Feel free to reach out to me – my email address is in the slide deck, and my twitter handle is @codingoutloud. Also – if you are in the neighborhood – check out the Boston Azure User Group and our planned Boston Azure Bootcamp in June 2012! You may want to follow the adventures of Mr. SQL Azure Federations

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