Beyond Virtualization – Welcome to the Cloud

Virtualization – of the server, desktop, application, storage, network, and more – was a seriously disruptive force in the previous decade. Virtualization – in concert with cheap & capable commodity hardware, automation galore, ubiquitous connectivity, and some new business models – will give way to Cloud Computing during the coming decade.

Today at the Virtualization Boston Deep Dive Day 2011 event (put on by the Virtualization Group-Boston), I joined forces with the ITProGuru (aka Mr. Dan Stolts) to share some thoughts in a presentation on this megatrend – what’s going on, what it means for data centers, and what today’s IT Pro might expect from a Cloud-dominated future.

The slides are available here:

Cloud Computing Essentials for the IT Pro – Bill Wilder and Dan Stolts – 11-Mar-2011

The following was not a slide all by itself, but could have been – and I think I’ll use it next time for the simplest definition I can think of for understanding SaaS, PaaS, IaaS:

I also posted a twitter-sized definition of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.


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