Speak to the Lonely Cloud Data Center Workers

A professional reality is looming: fear of obsolescence. Like so many of you, I worry about becoming obsolete (I work in cloud software which moves VERY FAST and getting faster), so I figured it was time to do something for a small (and shrinking) set of people supporting my profession. For these people, their job has groan increasingly difficult: I refer, of course, to the fine people who work inside of cloud data centers. The job is so difficult primarily because it is boring.

This is not because cloud data centers are not advancing – in fact that is the root of the problem – there are so few data center workers because of the growing efficiencies in cloud data centers simply means fewer people are needed to run them.

You may be wondering how you can help. It is very simple – remotely connect into a server on the data center of your choice, and just talk to the nice people in that data center through the speaker on the computer your’ve remoted into. But first you’ll need to enable the audio service on the operating system, since it is off by default in the cloud. But turning it on is fairly simple. This short video shows you how.

What will YOU say to the lonely cloud data center people? 





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