Recognized as Windows Azure MVP

On a personal note, I got an email on January 1st from Microsoft informing me that I have been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for Windows Azure. This is for my community work around Windows Azure: founding the Boston Azure User Group, bloggingspeaking, and some customer advisor work with Patterns & Practices.

Thanks Microsoft!


3 thoughts on “Recognized as Windows Azure MVP

  1. Nazik Huq


    You are so modest that you didn’t even mention you are the new MVP for Azure at the Boston Azure monthly meeting.


    – Nazik

  2. Bill Wilder Post author

    @Arra – thank you

    @Nazik – thank you too. Though, in case you didn’t notice, this blog post by “Mr Modest” includes a ginormous MVP logo… 🙂

    Hope to see you guys at both the Hackathon (Wed Feb 16) then at the regularly scheduled Boston Azure meeting (Thu Feb 24 – topic is Cloud Security).



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