Azure 101 Talk Presented at Boston Azure User Group’s September Meeting

Last week on Thursday I gave a talk to the Boston Azure User Group[†]: a high level introduction to Windows Azure titled Azure 101 (you can download the Azure 101 slide deck).

I shared the stage with Mark Eisenberg of Microsoft who walked us through some of the features coming in the November update of Windows Azure. One of the sites Mark showed was the Open Source Windows Azure Companion.

Hope to see you next month when Ben Day will talk about how Windows Azure and Silverlight can play nice together.

For up to date information on Boston Azure, follow Boston Azure on twitter (@bostonazure),  keep an eye on the group’s web site (, or add yourself to the low-volume email announcement list.

[] Yes, I also founded and run the Boston Azure User Group, but it is my first time having the honors as the main speaker.


3 thoughts on “Azure 101 Talk Presented at Boston Azure User Group’s September Meeting

  1. Hong

    Hello Bill,

    Though I believe you have received a lot positive feedback on your talk at Code Camp 14, I still want to add mine to thank you and Maura for the great presentations!


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