Cure for Phantom Mouse Clicks on Acer Netbook Laptop Tablet from Microsoft PDC

If you attended the Microsoft PDC in 2009, you received what appeared to be an Acer Netbook, but in fact is technically an Acer Laptop (that’s what Acer support insists), though apparently is also a considered a Tablet – the Acer Aspire 1420P Convertible Tablet PC. But a Convertible Tablet at that… 

Talk about an identity crisis. Maybe we should just call it, more simply, the PDC Netabletible Convertilizer? 

If yours has trouble with “phantom mouse clicks” – where you are typing away, and it seems that somehow the left mouse button was just clicked, but you know you didn’t click it – that can be fixed with the simple act of installing the Synaptics driver for this machine that, weirdly, will not ever show up in Windows Update.  But since this is a pretty useful update, consider doing it the old fashioned way. 

Or at least it worked for me. Though belated, this blog post may save someone the challenge of finding the cure, which I thought more difficult than it oughta be. 

The PDC Netabletible Convertilizer may not be the only one out there with this problem.

As an aside, my PDC Netabletible Convertilizer also became more usable once I recalibrated the touch screen. (How does one do that? Type into the search field in the Start menu “calibrate touch” for a link to the right part of Control Panel to make this happen…)


7 thoughts on “Cure for Phantom Mouse Clicks on Acer Netbook Laptop Tablet from Microsoft PDC

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