Prism Talk – Slides and Code

I have spoken a few times recently (NH Code Camp 1 on 28-Feb-2009, Beantown .NET User Group on 05-Mar-2009, and Boston Code Camp 11 on 28-Mar-2009) on building composite applications for Silverlight and WPF using Prism (which is officially known as Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight). The slide deck and sample code are essentially the same in all cases, so I am only posting them once.

Recall from the talk that the Save As Podcast code was a (partial) demonstration of moving from “old school” code-behind WinForm pattern into Silverlight and WPF using a newer, cleaner pattern called Model-View-ViewModel and going on to leverage functionality specific to Prism. This code is a partial transformation of that code. To compile, you should first install Prism (aka Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight) and then essentially replace the “Hello World” QuickStart with this code – that will make your life easier since the projects will retain the relative links to other libraries.


3 thoughts on “Prism Talk – Slides and Code

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